Commodore Christian Von Hill was destined to live a remarkable life from the earliest moments of his existence.  

His mother once stated that she actually felt the earth move at the moment of his conception.  This may have been because he was conceived in the back of a Volkswagen Microbus that was in the process of sliding down a muddy embankment at Woodstock in 1969.  

And it was not long until young Christian quickly began to stun all that new him. Clearly a prodigy he was walking and talking at 4 months of age.  It is said that his first word was “adventure” followed quickly by “cocktail” and then “nap”.  By age two he became one of the youngest people ever to become a member of the American Mensa Society, a contender for the World Chess organization Grand Master society, and Forbes’ “Top 3 Under 3.”  

At age six he told his mother he was going on an expedition to find Sasquatch. He left wearing a backpack and her best Cutco kitchen knife strapped to his Izod belt.  She assumed he was just going to the neighboring woods and would be back shortly.  After all he hadn’t packed food, water or his favorite blankie. Not only this, but surely he would never have missed making Manhattans for his father on the veranda during cocktail hour.  Four months later, however, a Shoshone Shaman found him walking out of the Yellowstone National forest wearing the pelt of a creature that still no one has identified to this day. 

His lust for adventure temporarily sated — Christian spent the next seven years of his life dedicated to a quest for the knowledge of the ages and extreme physical conditioning.  

He was often found submerged in the bathtub filled with ice for twenty minutes at a time with his arms extending from the water so he could continue to read Ulysses and play with his rubber ducks.  There were accidents along the way like the time he strung a cable between the manors chimney and the old oak tree and tried to cross it during a thunderstorm.  He always says that the lightning strike didn’t hurt him, but the doctors who treated him after if it caused him to fall 30 feet to the ground and break both of his leg would beg to differ.  Christian however blames only the ground and has vowed one day to get his revenge.  

In his early teens Christian had offers from every prominent university in the world, but he knew there was one thing he could never get from any institution: adventure! 

At age 14, Christian packed his bags, said goodbye to his parents and set out on his own...for about twelve minutes. It was then that he arrived at the Park and McCullough corner bus station across from the Quick, Quick Gas and Get where he met Chet Baker, a local delinquent who had just escaped from “Our Mother of Perpetual Sorrows Juvenile Hall.”  

Chet agreed to become Christian’s servitor, or manservant, on the journey of a lifetime to unlock the mysteries of the universe.  Von Hill soon realized that he had quite a story to tell and has curated a special collection for 12th Dimension Living to tell that story. Each product you find here has its own unique backstory which together represent the life of an extraordinary man.  Christian and Chet continue to adventure to this day and continue to add to legend of Commodore Christian Von Hill.